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finding the right people

Labourlink. Beyond the borders

Labourlink. Beyond the borders

Labourlink. We create the strong connection between employers and employees with a clear focus on the international market. We don’t look at origin. We look at each individuals’ capabilities. We take pride in our excellent service and guidance towards our clients, no matter if you’re the employer or the employee. Labourlink stands for integrity and reliability. A promise is a promise!

Our company values

Labourlink provides its services based on a set of strong company values. These values are intertwined with the way we work and the methods we use. What is considered an “extra” by many, is our standard! Our list of company values:

  • Innovative in providing solutions. A look “beyond the borders”
  • Strongly solution oriented
  • Quality over quantity
  • Reliable and upright
  • Compliant
  • Flexible

We care for employers ánd employees

Labourlink offers its services to employers and employees. For employers Labourlink offers a wide variety of professional services ranging from temporary employers to consultancy and recruitment. For employees we offer a broad range of high quality jobs within different sectors like aviation, management, engineering, office and logistics.

Are you looking for talent? Labourlink looks beyond the borders to find the right person. Are you talented? We’d love to match your profile with one of our employers!

Quality over quantity