About Labourlink

Labourlink is a passionate labour mediation company with a strong focus on the international market. Our organisation excels in finding the best match between employer and employee with optimal attention for both parties involved. Labourlink is known for its persistence to find exactly the right match for our clients. “No” is not an option. We like a challenge!

Labourlink: A reliable partner that focusses on a long term business relationship

Labourlink distinguishes itself from its competitors by focussing on long term business relationships between employers AND employees. More than two thirds of our personnel works longer than two years for us and our clients, with an average contract duration of eighteen months. That’s something we are quite proud of.

Our clients and Labourlink share a vision that a long term business relationship should be based on mutual trust, integrity and compliance. That is why Labourlink is NEN4400-1 certified. Labourlink is also a member of the national branche association.

For more information about Labourlink, please feel free to contact us at our UK office in Beckenham at +44 (0) 208 650 4412. You can also send us an e-mail though our contact page.