Recruitment is one of Labourlink’s specialities. As stated in our company values we uphold “Quality over Quantity”. We take on any challenge you may have for us. No is not an option. Especially the tough cases are our proud and joy.

Recruitment: The search for the ideal candidate

To make sure we find the right person for the job, we start by creating a thorough profile of the ideal candidate. Don’t be afraid to ask for the “five legged sheep”, because sometimes you simply need one. The next step is starting up our recruitment campaign. This campaign results in a shortlist of the most qualified candidates. We make sure these candidates have the right and necessary qualifications, diploma’s and references. Also, we take a good look at how they would integrate into your company culture. We introduce the candidates and you can make a choice. We work on a “no cure, no pay” basis. That’s a comforting thought.

Quality over quantity

Why use the recruitment services provided by Labourlink?

Labourlink likes a challenge. Because of our “beyond the border” focus, our network is bigger than most other agencies. We literally cross borders to find the right candidate with the best qualifications for the job. We really go “above and beyond” to make sure there’s a perfect match between our candidates and your profile. All on a no cure, no pay basis.

More information about our recruitment services

Would you like to know more about our recruitment services? Please feel free to contact us through our contact page, call us or visit our offices!