Temporary Workforce

One of Labourlink’s company values is flexibility. That’s why providing your organisation with matching, qualified temporary employees suits us so well. We create the most flexible temporary workforce, tailored to your specific needs.

Temporary employees when flexibility is needed

Hiring employees on a temporary basis is ideal when your organisation is dependent of seasons or fluctuating order sizes. Sometimes expertise is hard to find on a temporary basis. Especially when the duration of the temporary contract is not certain.

Labourlink recruits flexible employees that fit your organisation best and are qualified for the work they have to do. We take care of the entire proces: recruitment, introductions, training and support. Your organisation can be sure that it will get a flexible, loyal and affordable temporary workforce with the assurance that all contracts can be terminated on short notice.


Why choose Labourlink when you are in need of temporary employees?

Next to the company value “flexibility”, we also uphold the values “integrity” and “loyalty”. Everything we do is based on these values. We guarantee the best solution for employer and employee. A long-term business relationship is what we aim for.

More information on how to create the most flexible team of flexible employees?

For more information we’d like to invite you to contact us through our contact page or visit us at our offices!